🌉Bridge + Swap

How to deploy your own bridge + swap contract that bridges ETH from any chain to swap into any token.

What is a Bridge + Swap contract?

There has been an ever growing number of rollups to solve for Ethereum's scaling solution. Designed to improve the networks scalability and reduce transaction costs. These rollups are able to interact with each other and have tokens native to their network. The problem is that the process of getting from 1 token on chain A and to another token on chain B is not so seamless. Here's what the process currently looks like if you wanted to bridge and swap into a token on another chain.

  1. Visit a website that allows you to bridge from one network to another.

  2. Connect your wallet + approve contracts.

  3. Execute bridge transaction.

  4. Wait for funds to arrive.

  5. Visit a DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

  6. Connect your wallet + approve contracts.

  7. Execute swap.

Here's how the process looks like with your own custom built bridge + swap contract.

  1. Send ETH to (contract address).

Done ✅

The contract does everything on your behalf autonomously without you having to visit any website, risking potentially getting phished and wasting time going through each action manually.

This is especially efficient for mobile users who are plagued by poor UI.

The no-code Builder Tool

Our no-code tool allows you to create your own custom bridge + swap contract. Below we have a video walkthrough and a step-by-step guide to take you through the process.

đŸŽĨ Video Walkthrough

📄 Step-By-Step Written Guide

  1. Visit Builder Tool, connect your wallet & select "Create" next to bridge + swap.

  1. Select your origin/destination chains. (From where to where you are bridging from).

  1. Select input token. (What you are swapping from).

  1. Paste in contract address of the token you are swapping into & click "Continue" to approve the deployment on your wallet extension. The Builder Tool will find a liquidity pool with the largest liquidity for that token automatically.

Done ✅

You can copy the contract address by clicking on "Copy Contract Address".

You can also view your created contracts at anytime by visiting our Discover Contracts page and toggling "Display My Contracts" in the top right corner.

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