đŸĻŠMetaMask Snap

Stop guessing about which contract you are using. See a breakdown on exactly what will happen with your deposit before confirming your transaction.

Why use Onthis Snap?

  • Stay Safe. Since you don't need a UI to use our contracts, Snaps make sure you send your funds to the intended address by presenting visual confirmation of the contract name.

  • Easy to understand. See a breakdown on exactly what happens in the background when you send your deposit to the contract address before confirming your transaction.

  • Get more info. View additional transaction info such as ETA and estimated transaction costs.

How to add Onthis Snap to your MetaMask:

  1. Add the Onthis Snap into your MetaMask with a simple link.

  2. Paste in any of our contract addresses into the send to field on your MetaMask.

  3. Metamask will automatically detect whether you're using the right contract.

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