⚡Supercharge Your dApp


A Shortcut is a combination of 2 or more DeFi actions that are executed in one transaction. It represents an intent, helping users get to their final destination without worrying about what needs to happen in between.

Each Shortcut is a separately deployed Smart Contract with self-contained logic that is modular and can be used by any dApp.

Headless dApp

A headless dApp separates the user interface (front-end) from the back-end logic and data storage which in our case is all self-contained in a Smart Contract.

Your dApp + Shortcuts

You can supercharge your dApp by using our Shortcut contracts to help your users perform efficient and seamless DeFi actions.

Deployed Shortcut Smart Contracts

The next page is dedicated to deployed Smart Contracts which behave as a self-contained Headless dApp that is modular and usable by your dApp. Click here to learn more.

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