We have launched a Shortcut point system that rewards creators and users of Shortcuts.

What do Shortcut Points give you?

Entitle holders to governance.
Build a sustainable ecosystem.
Incentivize a long-term view of Shortcuts.
Disproportionately reward those most loyal.

How do you accrue points?

  • Each time you use a Shortcut, you generate points.
  • Create Shortcuts & earn passive points from other’s usage.
  • See how many points you've accrued on the Leaderboard:
Create your first Shortcut here. There is a sample post on our Discourse to help you get started.

Points Formula

Total Claimable Points per Shortcut Transaction =

ETH Amount * Shortcut Complexity Factor * Emissions Multiplier.
ETH Amount: Amount of ETH user is sending in the transaction to one of the Shortcut contracts.
Shortcut Complexity Factor: This score is assigned to every Shortcut on a scale of 1 to 3 and serves as a points multiplier. The higher the complexity the more points you receive.
Emissions Multiplier: This makes the points less inflationary over time. It starts at 100 and moves down by .0002 with every 1 ETH in volume. This strongly incentivizes early users as the emissions are the highest during the product’s early growth stage.
Split: 80% to Users 20% to Creators
Users = receive 80% of Total Claimable Points from each transaction.
Creators = receive 20% of Total Claimable Points from each transaction.
Important Note on Emissions
What if the current multiplier is 90 and I send 10ETH at one time, assuming a Shortcut complexity of 1?
Total Points = 10 * 1 * 90 = 900
You will receive points based on the emission multiplier at the time of the deposit. This is great for both big and small depositors. Whales will be rewarded for onboarding more volume and smaller accounts will not be penalized because they used a Shortcut after a big deposit came in.
To repeat the Emission Multiplier goes down by .0002 with every 1 ETH or higher in volume, even if 100 ETH is deposited, the Emission Multiplier goes down by .0002. This is done to protect the small depositors who will receive the incrementally lowered Emission rate
< 1ETH = Emission Multiplier stays the same ≥ 1ETH = Emission Multiplier goes down by .0002
Shortcut Fees: The fees range based on the Shortcut Complexity, with a base fee of 0.1%, in other words, fees can range from low (Complexity: 1) - to high (Complexity: 3) or 0.1% - 0.3% fee.

How are Shortcut Points claimed?

View your points:
During the current initial distribution phase: Shortcut Points will be mapped to user + creator addresses, no claiming. Earn points to climb up the leaderboard.
During the second - DAO generation event - phase (~$1B+ Volume): users + creators will be able to claim points and take part in the decision-making process for the DAO. E.g. changing protocol fees, voting in new shortcuts, adding staking to get protocol fees, etc.
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