📊How to create Token Bundles in 2 minutes.

How to deploy smart contract which auto-allocates incoming ETH into multiple tokens based on set %.

When dealing with crypto assets, most users, builders, and investors build up convictions within certain niches of the industry. Some are convinced RWAs are the next big thing, while others are placing bets on number of L2s. Whatever your beliefs are, token bundle creator from onthis.xyz can help you create your own portfolio allocator. Instead of swapping into multiple tokens, you can send your deposit to a dedicated smart contract address which will auto-split your deposit based on pre-set allocation %s.

As an example, say you are bullish on MAGIC and ARB tokens and want to create a contract which auto-splits incoming ETH deposits into these two tokens 50%/50%:

Step 1. Visit create.onthis.xyz, sign in with your wallet and select 'TOKEN BUNDLES'.

Step 2. Select which chain you would like to deposit & swap on.

Step 3. Select your input token. (ETH only for now)

Step 4. Paste in token contract addresses which you would like to split your deposit into. In our example we will be used Magic and ARB token contract addresses and input 50% in the allocation field for each. FYI You can easily find contract addresses on coingecko.

Step 5. Use and share your created shortcut address.

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